Dumpster Parts

When you purchase a brand new dumpster, it should come with all parts, properly manufactured. You never know what may happen in timethough; you may need to replace a part every few years!For example, the lid might get bent to a point where it doesn’t close tightly.In that case, it would be much cheaper and more convenient to replace the lid rather than purchasing another dumpster. That’s why there are manufacturers that make parts and sell them to the public. There are also stores online that purchase parts from manufacturers and then resell them.

Dumpster Lids

One of the easiest parts to replace on a dumpster is the lid. Due to advanced technology, most lids are made from innovative materials such as plastic and rubber which have been and can continue to be recycled. They’re made flexible and resistant to regular wear and tear. Some lids are made with tire-crumb ribs that help them be more flexible.Manufacturers test these lids under temperatures that of up to 158°F. The lids are also made to carry heavy weight on top. This helps protect garbage from being crushed inside in the case a heavy object is placed on top of the lid.It also ensures that the lid won’t be easily broken. A great place to find lids for wholesale prices is on the internet.

Dumpster Wheels

Many dumpsters come with wheels, which makes it easier when you need to move your dumpster from one place to another. Since dumpsters carry heavy weight,it’s possible for the wheels to give in after a long period of use. Luckily, there are manufacturers that sell wheels specially made for your dumpster. There are different types of wheels: the first is the standard rubber dumpster wheel, which is made with padded rubber tread and has a load capacity of about 480 pounds.The second is a“Phenolic”wheel, whichis considered extremely heavy duty because it has aload capacity of roughly 1200 pounds.The last type of wheel is the steel wheel, whichis not recommended for rough surfaces because it is noisy. It can sustain up to 1200 pounds similarly to the “Phenolic” wheel.

Dumpster Locks

There are assortments of locks that can be usedto secure a dumpster. Being that dumpsters are large containers, you need a stronger lock to keep it shut when no one is around. You can browse local locksmiths and see if a commerciallock would be suitable, or get one crafted by the locksmith. If you don’t have access to a locksmith, you can purchase an automatic lock made specially for dumpsters. The interesting thing about automatic locks is that you don’t need a key to unlock them. They are made to release the lid once the dumpster has been lifted by the truck operator in order to dump the garbage in the pickup truck. It is very important to consider locking your dumpster in order to avoid any dumpster diving or animal problems.