Dumpster Pricing

When deciding to get a dumpster, you first need to determine two things: what size should it be and will you rent or buy it? If you’ve decided to purchase one, the pricing will be determined mostly by the size of the dumpster. Larger dumpsters are between 30 and 40 cubic yards and they can go anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000 dollars depending on where you purchase. Smaller dumpsters between 8 and 15 cubic yards can be found anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 also depending on where you purchase. If you need to have a dumpster shipped, there is usually a separate fee charged by the seller or manufacturer.

Why Get a Dumpster

Many people decide that it is time to renovate their homes. When they do, they find themselves buried in unimaginable amounts of garbage quickly. In cases of business, new businesses don’t always realize how much garbage their business may generate. Disgustingly enough, they can find themselves with tons of garbage that they can’t dispose of immediately. This scenario calls for the use of a dumpster. It is ideal if you plan ahead and are prepared when the time comes. If you are planning on renovating your home and you know that there will be a lot of waste generated during the renovations, it is highly suggested that you purchase a dumpster. If you are going to open a business such as a restaurant or a factory, you will be constantly generating garbage: a dumpster is extremely useful in this case.

How Much Dumpsters Cost

When searching for a dumpster, you will see that there are many prices offered. If the dumpster is used, it will cost less than a brand new one. A lot of times, used dumpsters won’t be cheap and they also won’t be as reliable since they have been used for a long while already. When searching for a new dumpster, you should know how big you need it to be already. There are many sizes and the bigger a dumpster is, the higher the price can be. A brand new dumpster that measures between 8 and 15 cubic yards can be purchased for between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars. Larger dumpsters are more expensive; you can find a dumpster between 30 and 40 cubic yards for about $3,500 up to $5,000 dollars.

Getting the Most for Your Money

Whenever a business purchases any supplies, they try to go with the supplier or provider that gives them the best price. Like anything in life, you must search for good products that are also inexpensive. The best way to get the most out of your money is to buy the dumpster directly from a manufacturer or to purchase a used (but still reliable) dumpster. You can search for local dumpster manufacturers in your local yellow pages or log on to the internet to search for them through dumpster rental companies. For used dumpsters you can log on to bidding websites or search your local classified listings.